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Benefits of autogenous vaccines

Autogenous vaccines are manufactured from pathogens obtained from an animal or animals and used for the treatment of that animal and/or other animals within the same epidemiological unit or in the same rearing chain.

Benefits of using autogenous vaccines include:

Improve animal health through

  • Improved recovery time
  • Reduced disease occurrence
  • Reduced pathogen excretion

Reduce costs by

  • Reducing antibiotic usage
  • Reducing treatment cost
  • Returning to full production faster
  • Using multi-valent autogenous vaccines to reduce cost in both the vaccine and time to vaccinate

Other benefits include

  • Providing disease control solution to exotic species
  • Disease control solutions during emergency outbreaks or emerging disease
  • Solutions in tackling antigenic variability (commercial vaccines no longer work)
  • Disease control solutions to multi-resistant bacteria

As with all vaccines, a vaccination strategy should be used alongside other conventional disease control procedures with the aim of reducing the burden of pathogens.