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Sample Submission Guidelines

Papillomavirus vaccines – Warts

  • Autogenous papillomavirus vaccine is primarily a therapeutic agent for warts in cattle. The vaccine can help reduce the duration of clinical signs and prevent infection of naïve animals in the herd. The vaccine is prepared from the wart tissue taken from the animal(s) on farm which ensures the same papillomavirus strain in circulation is contained in the vaccine.  It is preferable to sample freshly developed papilloma tissue and to include the base of the wart, which is more likely to be heavily loaded with viral particles.  Please try to sample as aseptically as possible.  Send the fresh wart tissue to NWL – Leeds in a container with no preservatives.
  • Herd papillomavirus vaccines should be prepared from tissue sampled from multiple animals. The amount of material required will depend on how large the order is.
  • Individual autogenous papilloma vaccines can be prepared for a single animal without a license under the VMD regulations. The vaccine prepared from papilloma material harvested from an individual animal is used exclusively for the same animal. The animal’s ear tag number should be recorded at the time of sampling and provided on the submission form.  A minimum of 20 g of wart material should be submitted for individual wart vaccines, but the more the better.

Contact the Leeds Laboratory (Tel.  0113 250 7556) for information regarding bacterial sampling, or questions regarding the transfer of bacterial isolates from other diagnostic labs to NWL Leeds for autogenous vaccine production.