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Welcome to the NationWide Laboratories area designed for Veterinary Professionals


Companion Animals


Our laboratories provide comprehensive services to support veterinary practices. We have 18 UK based veterinary pathologists to deliver test interpretations to help vets in practice with diagnosis and treatment.

The breadth of our services for Companion Animals can be found in our Tests & Profiles.

We’ve more detail about our regular canine and feline health checks in the pdfs included for your information.

To Download a copy of the regular canine and feline health checks pdfs please click on relevant download link.




At NationWide Laboratories and NationWide Specialist Laboratories we have a comprehensive range of tests and profiles developed over a long period for equine disease diagnosis, health status checks and breeding management.

For more information please see our Equine Needs pdf and take a look at our Tests & Profiles, alternatively please contact our client services.


Farm Animals


Our Leeds Laboratory has many years of farm animal diagnostic experience and understands the support that farm vets require. We can provide a rapid turnaround cost effective diagnosis service, for practices working with farm clients on structured herd health improvement we can offer contract testing.

Increasingly a number of non-farm vets are beginning to see poultry and small livestock kept as pets or for hobby farming. We can support you with all manner of farm animal health issues. Contact our Leeds laboratory to find out more or look at the Tests & Profiles for Farm Animals.

Food Animal Information


Detailed information regarding the scope ot our food animal tests is included in our Farm Price List. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.


Welcome to our area dedicated to exotic species.


We established our Exotic Animal practice a few years ago in collaboration with the International Zoo Vet Group (IZVG).

The expertise gained by our collaboration with IZVG has given us the breadth of knowledge to support exotic animal practices. This is a longstanding relationship which has enabled our in house pathology team to develop their skills in this area has been mutually beneficial.

This allows us to offer specialised laboratory services and support to these animal groups

In addition to routine laboratory tests we are set up to deal with samples from a wide range of species. Our experienced team are happy to discuss cases. The relationship which exists with IZVG enables us to offer a complete consultative service.



The IZVG website provides detailed information by animal groups.

We work with zoos and wildlife parks and commercial vets who specialise in exotic species. If you need help or advice why not ask your vet to contact us.

In addition to the services offered by NationWide Laboratory Services we can now utilise our gold standard testing provided by our sister laboratory NationWide Specialist Laboratories www.thehormonelab.co.uk who also offer a range of tests.


In-Clinic Analysers



We work in partnership with leading in-clinic instrument providers to give our customer choice and flexibility.

For more information on our latest offers please call 01253 899215



Practice Management System


At the laboratory we have always been flexible in how we transmit your results, whether by fax, email (or both) or direct to patient records through practice management systems. We have extensive experience of electronic result integration and are compatible with multiple providers including the transmission systems Vet-XML and VetEnvoy.


Integrated laboratory request forms

  • No more written request form
  • External lab fees captured at request form generation
  • Demographic data automatically transferred to the form
  • Generate your laboratory request form from your practice management system – never run out again!

Results direct to patient records

  • Laboratory results automatically integrated in patient or consultation records.
  • No more typing results
  • Forget cutting and pasting
  • Goodbye to scanning faxes