Poulton (Head Office): 01253 899215

Instructions for online CPD

How to access and use the CPD sessions –

Under the LEARNING dropdown menu click the CONTINUED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT link.

Click the ONLINE CPD Button.

To access the courses you will need to register or login, so simply click on New to NWL CPD and complete the system generated form.

Create and remember your unique password.

Once you have registered on your next visit click on Returning to NWL CPD or just go in via Sign in using your previously created password.

Once signed in you can navigate simply around your own discrete training area.

To complete a course simply select the title you wish to complete and purchase the course via use of the online payment process.

This course will then be in your training area as a record of purchased courses.

You have three attempts to complete the course and then complete the multiple choice quiz which will give you a pass or fail notification, you have three attempts at the quiz.

The pass rate is set at 80%

A certificate of completion will only be provided if you achieve the desired pass level.


For help please call 01253 899 215 between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank and Public holidays or email info@nwlabs.co.uk putting CPD online in the subject line of the email, please state the problem and provide a contact number so a member of the team can contact you. We aim to respond to all queries within 16 working hours.

Sorry, we do not provide out of hours assistance.


Q – When will new courses be available?
A – NWL will be adding further courses from May onwards and have currently a further 6 courses ready to load in addition to the 8 available in January 2018

Q – Who do I speak to about access difficulties?
A – Please call 01253 899215 and ask for Client Services, they will take your query and get a member of the relevant support area to call you back

Q – Why do I have to pay?
A – CPD is an expensive service to offer and NWL have invested significant funds in both the online system and the hire of the video company and the speakers, this fee assists with those costs and enables us to invest in future courses.

Q – How many times can I attempt the quiz?
A – Three times.

Q – What is and why is a pass mark required?
A – The pass mark is set at 80%, this is done to show proof of learning to help validate the CPD.