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NationWide Laboratories – COVID-19 Customer Update

Further to the recent announcements from the government, there will be a change in the lockdown rules and guidelines and a relaxing of Anti-Covid measures in England from 19th July. Similarly, changes have also been announced in Wales and Scotland.

The latest guidelines from the government rely more heavily on individual choice of whether to wear a facemask and whether to adhere to social distancing. At the same time the government are leaving it up to individual businesses to set their own Anti-Covid policies and measures.

As a company we have taken the decision to keep our current Anti-Covid measures in place for the time being. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of both our customers and employees during the current Delta variant case rise and minimise the risk of staff having to self-isolate. We shall review this policy monthly, along with the latest government advice, feedback from customers and relax the measures when we feel it is appropriate to do so.

It is important we consider the views and policies of our customers alongside the advice from the government when reviewing our own Covid policies in this ever-changing environment. We would very much welcome your feedback on how your practice is operating under the latest guidelines so we can continue to best support you as government restrictions ease. Please send your thoughts and feedback to info@nwlabs.co.uk

David Charvill,

Director of Laboratory Services