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NationWide Laboratories COVID-19 Statement

We have been monitoring the situation closely with regards to coronavirus (COVID-19) and in these difficult times we want to keep you informed of the actions we are taking to ensure we can provide support to veterinary professionals who are continuing to look after the welfare of the nation’s pets.

We are following the government’s guidelines; precautions have been taken to safeguard our staff allowing where possible team members to work from home. However, being a diagnostic laboratory does mean the majority of staff are required on site. We are working together as a team and our fantastic flexible professionals are keeping all areas covered wherever possible to carry on providing quality diagnostic services for our clients. We are currently meeting our turnaround time targets, but delays may occur in future. If these happens please bear with us and we will do our best to resolve these and keep you informed.

Keeping hygiene in the workplace including washing hands with soap and water, wearing protective gloves and lab coats as well as regular cleaning is our normal practice. However, the importance of personal hygiene has been once again highlighted and additional thorough cleaning is undertaken in key areas of the company.
Our call centre partner has taken steps to provide 24-hour cover.

Our collection and delivery partners continue working with us but as the situation changes daily, we may experience delays at times, but we will work swiftly to address these keeping you informed as soon as we know of any issues.
We remain committed to delivering excellence and innovation in animal health and will keep you updated with any information on our website as the situation develops.

Meanwhile if you have any queries or concerns please contact us at 01253 899215 or info@nwlabs.co.uk

David Charvill
Director of Laboratory Services
18 March 2020