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Import Authorisation


If you plan to ship samples to us from outside the European Union, you will need to quote the relevant Authorisation number below and for samples from the EU but outside the UK, please see the “Facilitation Letter”. It is likely to speed up the passage of your samples through Border Inspections if you include a copy of the Authorisation or Letter in the external paperwork of the package. The EU animal by-products regulations facilitation letter also applies to Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Please read the Authorisation in full and if it does not cover the type of sample you are submitting or the country you are submitting from or if you cannot comply with its conditions, please contact us.

IMP/GEN style licences are General Licences that anyone can use and that do not have to be applied for by a specific facility.

These can be downloaded from this link [PDF]
but we also hold copies on our website.

All Animals

Import Licences / Authorisations to download



IMP/GEN/2011/01: “General Import Licence (EU Countries)” has been revoked and is now instead covered by “Facilitation Letter” (below).

Facilitation letter: for diagnostic imports from EU countries

IMP/GEN/2010/12: “General Import Licence, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Rodents from Australia, Canada, Iceland,Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand and USA (all tissues except semen)”

IMP/GEN/2011/03: “General Import Licence, Formalin Fixed Tissues (Mammals and Birds) from Specified Non-EU countries”  and associated “Country List

IMP/GEN/2010/01: and associated Amendment Notice: “General Import Licence, Any product derived from fish, reptiles and invertebrates from Australia, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand and USA”




ITIMP16/0873: Blood, serum, urine, microbiological swabs and faeces from canine, feline, lagomorph, rodent and ferret, intended for particular studies or analyses only.

ITIMP16/0922: Import Licence, Equine sample of blood, serum, urine, microbiological swabs and faeces, intended for particular studies or analyses only.