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Sample requirements

Biological substances must be posted in packaging that complies with instruction P650 and the senders name and address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging. The detailed guidelines can be see at –www.royalmail.com/sites/default/files/Guidance-Document-Infectious-Substances-171012.pdf

A range of sampling materials is available on request.

All sample supplies are provided free of charge for all of our customers. Following receipt of your order, supplies will be delivered to your practice on the next working day using the NVS (National Veterinary Services) distribution network.

Please contact Client Services for any further information.

We have prepared some simple sampling guides for you to follow and help you get your results back in the fastest and most clinical way.


Preparing a Blood Smear Bloods Microbiology Taking a Blood Sample

Same Day Courier Service:Samples1-228x300

A same day collection service provided by NVS operates throughout the UK . The system operates a same day collection from the practice and delivery to the relevant laboratory site. The laboratory will endeavour to produce results for “same day” tests on the day of arrival in the laboratory. The laboratory will also endeavour to inform clients should circumstances beyond our control cause unexpected delays.

The 24 hour dedicated freephone courier line 0800 731 7276 is reserved for registered practices wishing to book a collection.

Lock box courier system:

An overnight ‘locked box’ service is available in many locations throughout the UK. A box is fitted to the outside of the practice. When surgery is finished samples are placed in the box for the couriers to pick up. The samples are then transported overnight via our dedicated service to one of the laboratories for results early the next day.

Overnight National Courier Service:

Collection of samples can usually be arranged from anywhere on the UK mainland for overnight delivery to the laboratory. Samples are usually collected in the early evening and are delivered to the laboratory the next working day. Please ensure samples are packaged correctly using the guidelines for Packing Postal Samples.

Postal Samples:

Free pre-paid postal packs (Post Office First Class Priority Sort, Free Post Service) are available on request. (To minimise postal delays you should be aware of the last posting time for next day deliveries from your area.)

Packaging Postal Samples:

Diagnostic specimens must be packed to comply with UN3373 packing Instructions P650. Postage Charges:

Postage will be charged if the sender requests the return of any samples submitted. The Freepost address labels are only to be used for the submission of veterinary diagnostic sample to the laboratory. All other parcels sent using this system may result in the sender being liable for the postage fee.

Overseas Samples: EU Countries and Hong Kong:

The laboratory is licensed under The Animal Health Act 1981, Importation of Animal Products and Poultry Products Order 1980 (as amended), Importation of Processed Animal Protein Order 1981 (as amended) to import Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology Samples derived from Canines, Felines, Equines, Rodents and Lagomorphs. Please contact the laboratory if the current licence number is required.

Occasionally, samples are received in a condition which may affect certain tests or prevent the requested tests being carried out. e.g. broken, leaked or deteriorated samples.

In these circumstances the laboratory shall perform those tests that are possible.

Tests which we are unable to process can be performed if a replacement sample is submitted.

The price list includes a guide to turnaround times for each test. These times are for guidance only. They refer to working days and may not include weekends. If you have a time critical sample please contact the laboratory to confirm the current situation.

Alternatively, listed against each of our Tests and Profiles you will find our estimated turnaround times.